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The Solution to Keeping Your Crib Climber Escape Artist – In the Crib!

Climb Proof Jammies are the simple and safe crib climber solution you’ve been looking for to stop your child from climbing out of their crib and playpens. CPJ’s will end the crib climbing for good and end your fears of your child tumbling to the floor head first. Plus as a bonus, CPJ’s are escape proof! You will wake up with your children still in their CPJ’s, their diaper on and secure and all its contents contained. Clean sheets and no messes for mommies and daddies! Wearing Climb Proof Jammies to bed and nap will keep your little escape artist safe, clean, and still in their crib every morning and during nap time.

This is the Problem:

Has your not yet one-year-old figured out how to climb out of his crib, which he did at 2 a.m., and it scared the bejeebers out of you (we think your bejeebres should always stay inside!)? Do you have a 15 month old midnight prowler roaming around your house each night as he makes a break for it after climbing out of his crib? Are you suffering from countless sleepless nights worrying about your child climbing out of their crib and getting severely injured or even dying? Has your child climbed out of her crib after putting her down for her nap and you finding her 5 minutes later screaming on the floor with a fractured wrist and a black eye? Are you at your wits end with your little escape artist and you’re looking for the solution to keep them safe and in their crib?

You are not alone! Almost every parent will one day find their child, some as young as 6 months old, climbing out of their crib. Some wait till they are a year; some till 18 – 22 months, but eventually almost all kids will make the climb to freedom! Parents begin chasing their child down night after night and bedtime becomes much more difficult and frustrating as you keep putting your toddler back into their crib. And each day you live with the fear of your child getting hurt from climbing out of their crib.

As adults we just chalk crib climbing up to them growing up, a rite of toddler passage, them letting us know it’s time for the big boy or big girl bed. But it’s not as innocent as you may think … As toddlers become pros at escaping, their safety becomes threatened, even their lives. Dozens of toddlers under the age of two are injured every day in falls from cribs.
This is the Reality:
There’s a good chance that your child may severely injure him/herself climbing out of their crib. According to a study released by the American Academy of Pediatrics' medical journal Pediatrics, almost 10,000 infants and toddlers are hurt in crib and playpen accidents each year in the United States and end up in the Emergency Room, according to the first nationwide analysis of emergency room treatment for these injuries. That’s over 2 dozen kids who are injured every day.

Most of these injuries involve cribs and are usually caused by toddlers between the ages of 1 and 2 climbing out of their cribs and falling on the floor, said the researchers from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Lead researcher Dr. Gary A Smith, a professor of pediatrics and director of the hospital's Center for Injury Research and Policy noted that "It appears that most of these falls are children climbing out of the crib and falling." In most cases, the children landed head first, Smith noted, which "really makes this an issue that we should pay attention to." Children at that age are top-heavy, so when they fall they fall head first and don't have the ability to break their fall and these injuries can be serious, he explained.
Dr. Smith added that as the children became more mobile, the number of injuries increased. "So, parents need to be cautious when a child is in a crib and can start to pull himself up," Dr. Smith said.
Some options you’ve probably considered:
Crib Tents

Say “No” to the crib tent! There have been several deaths associated with them. They are a strangulation hazard, as some children pick and tear the mesh apart enough to fit their head through and they end up hanging themselves. Other parents have found their children hanging within the velcro straps, or pinned by an inverted crib dome. Crib tents are not worth the risk of losing your child. This is not a safe solution.

Sleeping with Parents

Also say “No!” to letting your child sleep with you. Adults can roll over onto a child and suffocate them during the night. This sad reality has happened too many times. This is not the safe solution you need either.

Toddler Beds

Some active toddlers who climb are either too young, or are just not ready, to make the switch to a toddler bed. Toddler beds can create a whole new set of challenges for children that are young and not ready:Settling down in a toddler bed for sleep and naps is difficult for some kids since they can just hop right out. In a toddler bed they might not nap well and they might get up many times during the night. They can become very tired from a lack of quality sleep from constantly getting up, and turn into miserable and unbearable kids during the day. Some kids are afraid and feel insecure in the bed. And some will get up and come looking for you, and end up with you in your bed – kicking you all night long! For young toddlers this is also not the simple and easy solution you seek.
Climb Proof Jammies is the Crib Climber Solution You Need!
Climb Proof Jammies are a traditional one piece sleeper with advanced design elements that make it the simple and safe crib climber solution you’ve been looking for to stop your child from climbing out of their crib and playpens: